What are SSL Certificates and why does your website need it?

SSL is the short term used for Secure Sockets Layers. It encrypts the information shared over the internet and provides information about certificates.

These certificates provide an assurance to the website’s visitors that they are visiting a secure website. You may also hear about TLS (Transport Layer Security protocol) an advanced version of SSL, but the most commonly used word is SSL.

An SSL certificate displays a padlock in the address bar of the browser and URL starts with https. In most web browsers a user can click on the padlock and see the details of the certificate, identity and other information about the website.

If a website doesn’t have an SSL certificate then the web browser displays a security warning.

Types of SSL certificates

There are mainly three types of certificates: –

  • Domain validation SSL Certificates: – A domain validation SSL certificate or also known as DV SSL certificate validates the ownership of a domain. Most of the SSL providers issue DV SSL certificates within a few minutes as they only need to validate the ownership of the domain name. They do it by sending a link to the email id or verifying a C-Name.
  • Organization validation SSL Certificate: – An organization validation (OV) SSL certificate displays information about an organization and displays the information related to the organization. The certificate authority (CA) verify the details of the organization before issuing the certificate. All the details are verified and checked. This makes the OV SSL certificate more trustworthy than the DV SSL certificate.
  • Extended Validation SSL certificate: – An extended validation SSL certificate or also pronounced as EV SSL certificate is an eye-catchy. EV SSL certificate displays the business information directly in the address bar of the browsers in green highlight. This way EV SSL certificates catch the attention of visitors easily and feel them more secure.

Which SSL certificate should you buy?

If you are running a personal blog or website then DV SSL is best for you. It provides all the security features which a website needs.

If you are an organization, brand or enterprise then you should buy an EV SSL certificate or OV SSL certificate. The reason is that these certificates will display your business information near the URL which is the first place where any visitor looks in the meantime after typing the URL and before the content of the website displayed. If you have an SSL EV certificate then the visitor will see your business information in green highlight and you gain the trust of the visitor which is like the first impression.

Final Thoughts

SSL certificate is now SEO ranking signal for Google which has increased its importance as well. There may be a case that your SEO service provider suggested you for the SSL certificates for the same reason. You will not only gain the trust of the customer you are also boosting your position in Google. It is a totally win-win situation and at the end of the day, it’s your investment which will surely come in the form of ROI. So, having an SSL installed at your website is beneficial for you and you should do it without spending more time.

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