How to choose the best domain name (Best Tips)

Choosing a domain name is like choosing a company name. Your domain name represents your online identity. Your domain name should represent the business or ideas. It should be easy to remember and type.

Domain name registration tips

Below are some tips to choose a domain name: –

1. Keep it as short as possible

A short domain name is easy to remember and type, whereas a long name may create a risk of miss typing or your customer may face difficulty to remember.

2. Make it easy to type and understand

Your domain should spell correctly. If you use any slang (4 instead of for, or u instead of you) then your customers feel it difficult to find your website or misunderstood.

Also, avoid taking the words with multiple spellings like color or colour. This will create a miss understanding to your customer and make it harder to find you easily.

3. Consider including your target area

If your business is local then consider including your local area in your domain name. It will make it easy for your customers and search engines to find you easily.

4. Use your main keywords in the domain name

Try to include your main service or business keyword in the domain name. It will represent the purpose of the domain as well. For example, an SEO company in India has chosen a domain name like- Here the company has included his main service keywords SEO in the domain name.

5. Keep it memorable

Having a short and memorable domain will be a milestone for your business. You can stand alone in the crowd with a catchy and memorable domain name. So think wisely before registering any domain name.

6. Avoid the numbers and dashes in the domain name

Numbers and hyphens (dashes) are always misunderstood to hear and type. For example, a domain name like can create confusion to anyone that it is

Same for the dashes many people find it too difficult to type dash in the correct way and place in the domain name.

Although, if you still need these in your domain due to any reason, try to find different variations.

7. Use the proper domain extension

Domain extensions are suffixes at the end of any domain like .com, .net, .org, .in. they have their own value. So, always choose a domain extension that best represents your business and idea. The .com domain is most popular on the web but it can be difficult to find a domain name that is easy to type and remember with .com extension.

There are many other extensions that can best represent your business and idea like .me, .photography, .net, etc. choose the one which best suits your business.

8. Don’t use any trademark and copyright of other company

Using the trademark and copyrights of other companies can create problems for you and you may end up with legal mess up. Always, use unique and your own brands for the domain names.

9. Register it before others take the chance

You need to act fast because every minute someone is registering a domain name in the world. Got the best domain name then register immediately before others catch it.

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